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Given the tenuous situation which Americans encounter in Latin America and the Middle-East, they must anticipate possible dangers pro-actively. They must see trouble as it arises, avoid its approach and respond quickly to threats. AHR not only deploys organizational policies, creating an infrastructure to aid Americans in distress. The Organization also advocates situational alertness to American travelers as they pursue their ends in these geographical. It seeks to prepare American travelers to deal confidently with dangers they might not otherwise anticipate AHR Thus Advises That American Citizens Protect Their Nationally and Internationally Established Rightsizes Ways.

1. Persons arrested abroad should IMMEDIATELY request to call the American Embassy. They should not talk to the police or law enforcement authorities, They should NOT WRITE OR SIGN any statements.

2 THEY SHOULD NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR OR CONSENT TO a search of their person, belongings, car, or home.

3. If they are on parole or post-release supervision, they SHOULD NOT WAIVE OR GIVE UP their right to a preliminary hearing.

4. They should carry proper identification, although they may not be required to do so. Doing so may help them in their encounters with the police and other legal authorities.

5. Foreign state entities record the phone calls which American citizens receive from the police and legal authorities. Americans should NOT SPEAK ABOUT THEIR CASE.over the electronic lines of communication.

7. Foreign legal authorities, their agents, and various other interested individuals may routinely hack the computers of American citizens.

8. Americans should suspect the legality or legitimacy of any marriage offer or arrangement made in countries in these areas.

9. Friendships formed abroad through the internet, or social networking sites may entrap American citizens legally.

10. Criminals abroad frequently target Americans with Fraudulent money drop, lottery, and drug traffic schemes.


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