Kuwait :  Grade  D

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, has cultural heritage dating

back to antiquity. Kuwait City, the capital, is known for its modern architecture,

ranging from skyscrapers to the striking Kuwait Towers, water towers whose design

recalls the tiled domes of a classic mosque. The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a rich

collection of ethnographic artifacts and Islamic art.

Capital: Kuwait City  

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1) The classification of these countries from the perspective of the United State of America.

2)  Tourist security in the Tourists Cities. .   

3) Response/arrival time of the police to the Tourist in an emergency.   

4) Response/arrival time of ambulance to the Tourist in an emergency. 

5) First aid in the ambulance for the Tourist.    

6) Response/arrival time of the fire department in an emergency.  

7) Availability and types of Hospitals for the Tourist in an emergency. 

8) How Many Americans imprisoned there? UNKNOWN 0000000


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