The AHR functions as an advocacy group seeking agreements guaranteeing the safety of American citizens between the United States and Latin American as well as the Middle East, constitutional law and international legal conventions provide ample precedents for such enforceable agreements. These agreements should thus allow for the litigation of both civil suits and the levying of prosecution against offending states by American citizens protected by these agreements.

American Constitution, the Charter of the United Nations, the Declaration of Human Rights, and other post-World War II agreements affirm basic human rights principles. The High Commissioner of the United Nations has a mandate from that body to enforce these principles. In this connection, the AHRO provides immediate deployment and aid to protect American citizens in Latin America and the Middle East, who are especially at risk from the offenses described below. These include the violation of the rights of free speech, involuntary labor, unlawful and extraordinary imprisonment.

As the US Government does not publicly release information or data on American Citizens detained, abused, etc. while abroad, the only publicly available information is from media coverage which likely only shows a portion of actual American Citizens affected. Nonetheless, these numbers and data alone are eye-opening and evident that additional action, assistance, and awareness is required.
Walid Fitaihi is an infamous case of a US-Saudi Citizen who was allegedly detained and tortured in Saudi Arabia. Walid Fitaihi described being dragged from his room in Riyadh& Ritz Carlton hotel, where he was being detained, then told a friend he was " blindfolded, stripped of his underwear and bound to a chair," the report said. The Harvard-trained doctor was then reportedly shocked with electricity in " what appears to have been a single session of torture that lasted about an hour" the daily reported. It also said he was whipped so severely, he could not sleep on his back for days. 
The following graphics depict various other American Citizens detained overseas worldwide.
 Xiyue Wang, an American graduate student in history at Princeton University, has spent three years in an Iranian jail cell, where he recently marked his 38th birthday.
 Austin Tice, an Eagle Scout and former U.S. Marine from Texas, vanished in Syria in 2012. He was working as a freelance journalist ahead of his final year at Georgetown Law School. Tice, 37, has not been heard from since. A video released a month after he disappeared shows him blindfolded and trembling he's led up a hillside by armed men.
 James Foley, an American journalist, and video reporter was abducted on November 22, 2012, in Syria and later beheaded
 Steven Joel Sotloff, an American Journalist, was kidnapped in August 2013 in Syria and later beheaded
 Moustafa Kassem, detained in Cairo in 2013, was imprisoned in Egypt for six years and died in 2020
 Siamak Namazi, a Dubai-based businessman with the dual US and Iranian citizenship, is detained while visiting relatives in Tehran. Namazi is the first US citizen reported to have been detained in Iran since the announcement of an international agreement on Iran
nuclear program.
 Baquer Namazi, a former UNICEF official and father of Siamak Namazi, is also detained, his wife Effie Namazi says on Facebook. He is an Iranian-American.
 Karan Vafadari's family announces that Karan Vafadari and his wife, Afarin Niasari, were detained at Tehran airport in July. Vafadari, an Iranian-American, and Niaga, a green-card holder ran an art gallery in Tehran.
 Michael White is sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of insulting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and for publicly posting private images, according to his attorney Mark Zaid.
 Paul W Helen is arrested in Russia on accusations of spying and is formally charged in January of 2019.
As of 2019, Iran still has at least five US Citizens currently in jail. Needless to say, there is a dire need for AHR services.


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