A Defender of American Citizens Rights Abroad

American Human Rights Organization Founded to help The U.S.  Government and The U.S Embassies around the World,  to   Assist our U.S Citizens Abroad in Emergency Assistance with  Pay legal Fee, medical, or other fees or Provide legal advice by hiring local attorneys and represent U.S. citizens in court overseas or Serve as interpreters or translators to our U.S Citizens because the U.S.  Department of State Don't provide this emergency Assistance,  Also American Human Rights Organization founded to Maintain prisons regulations to protect our U.S Citizens Human Rights Abroad,   Funeral or burial expenses or Lost income or loss of support to our U.S Citizens in Emergency.
American Human Rights Organization mission fights and protects our U.S Citizens  Abroad in Emergency Assistance.
American Human Rights Organization  Clearly understand  Emergency Situations can happen to our U.S Citizens Young or Old Abroad  During their Traveling Trip.
American human rights organization , plan  and Services: 
1) provides emergency financial assistants with  Medical, Funeral or burial expenses of US citizens ,  Legal Fee , local attorneys and translations to present u.s  citizens  in courts ,  protect minors U.s. Citizens , safety reports trips to u.s. Citizens travelers,  educational classes.  Our services for us. Citizens abroad and travelers.

2) In Middle East and South America in medical situation they don't treat patient in the hospital  unless the patient  pay money upfront even in emergency medical situation and also the U.S Embassy not provides help and the travel  medical insurance if the travelers has ,  this insurance will help After the patient provide the  treatment Medical receipt to them, Meaning the travelers  have to pay money and if the travelers don't have money they are in trouble.
 american human rights organization will reach an agreement with the Middle East and South america governments countries ,  all US citizens tourists, visitors medical treatment and the organization will pay For the service,  this service is  not for the U.s citizens residents in those countries.
Also American human rights organization We'll ask the U.S Department of State to require to all visitors  visiting United States They must have a medical insurance before. They get the visa, control directly from the US Department of Health Not from private insurance companies.
3) American human rights organization Will  reach n Agreements or will  filing a lawsuits against any Middle East or South America governments and countries in International court , U.S federal courts , Report to The United State Congress  to protect all US citizens Safety , prisoners abroad and their Right's .


Learn About Your Destination

We provide safety and security information and report regarding the Middle East or South America to help American citizens assess
for their self the risks of travel. Each country's information page contains a Travel Advisory, Alerts, and other
important details specific to that country that could affect you.  Pay close attention to the entry and exit
requirements and other details to decide whether traveling to that country is right for you. 
You will also find the address and phone number of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
Take those with you in case of an emergency American Human Rights.org Divide those Countries on  :
Grade ( A ) Great protections 
Grade (B) Exercise increased caution 
Grade  ( C ) Reconsider travel
Grade ( D )  DO NOT TRAVEL
our  Evaluation Base of 8 Important Safety Needs to American  Citizens in those Countries:  

1) The classification of these countries from the perspective of the United States of America.

2)  Tourist security in the Tourists Cities.   

3) Response/arrival time of the police to the Tourist in an emergency.   

4) Response/arrival time of ambulance to the Tourist in an emergency. 

5) First aid in the ambulance for the Tourist.    

6) Response/arrival time of the fire department in an emergency.  

7) Availability and types of Hospitals for the Tourist in an emergency. 

8) How Many Americans imprisoned there.

                                                                                  Our Travel Advisory  in the Middle East and South America Capital city's

​​American Human Rights.Org  Travel Every year  to the Middle East and South America for inspection requirements, until we do so the  inspections requirements, all  country's stay on our website on 

Grade    D  


​​Travel Warnings & Travel Advisory.

American Human Rights organization strategy to check and Evaluate 8 Important Safety requirements to American  Citizens traveling to the Middle East and South America 



American Human Rights. organization Keeps All American Citizens Save during Their visits to the Middle East and  South America country's Destination.

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