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* American Human Rights OrganizationObtaining sufficient capital to cover expansion and establishment expenses of initial operation. 

* AHR will raise funds publicly as well as with organizations and private networks which will be used to fund various assistance and educational efforts for American Citizens in the Middle East and South America, or for those planning to travel to those areas.



* As a first step in planning any trip abroad to any Middle East or South America, check our Travel Advisories for your intended

destination, American Human Rights .org Divide those Countries on Grads : 

Grade ( A )  Exercise Normal protections.

Grade ( B  )    Exercise increased caution. 

Grade ( C )  Reconsider travel.

Grade ( D )  DO NOT TRAVEL. 

our  Evaluation Base of 8 Important Safety Needs for American  Citizens in these countries.

1) The classification of these countries from the perspective of the United State of America.

2)  Tourist security in the Tourists Cities. .   

3) Response/arrival time of the police to the Tourist in an emergency.   

4) Response/arrival time of ambulance to the Tourist in an emergency. 

5) First aid in the ambulance for the Tourist.    

6) Response/arrival time of the fire department in an emergency.  

7) Availability and types of Hospitals for the Tourist in an emergency. 

8) How Many Americans imprisoned there? UNKNOWN 0000000

*If you arrested abroad ask to call the US Embassy  IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT TALK  to The police/Authority, DO NOT WRITE OR SIGN ANY STATEMENTS.
*, DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR OR CONSENT TO a search of your person, belongings, car, or home.
*If you are on parole or post-release supervision, DO NOT WAIVE OR GIVE UP your right to a preliminary hearing.
*Although not required by law, carrying proper ID can help police/Authority encounters.
*phone calls from those police/Authority are recorded. DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT YOUR CASE.


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