News COVID-19 Pandemic For Brooklyn  :


* American Human Rights OrganizationObtaining sufficient capital to cover expansion and establishment expenses of initial operation. 

* AHR will raise funds publicly as well as with organizations and private networks which will be used to fund  COVID-19 Pandemic various assistance and educational efforts for American Citizens in the  NYC area for those impacted by the Coronavirus disease.

Our Organization work with vulnerable Brooklynites especially those who have been excluded from the government-led response. Priority issue areas include:

  • Anti-stigma efforts and support to address xenophobic, racist harassment and discrimination

  • Access to material goods for prevention and wellness, including personal protective equipment, sanitary supplies, food access, and other critical goods

  •  we had Supported for low-wage, layoffs, lack of access to healthcare and paid sick leave

  • Community safety and liberty to protect the rights of marginalized communities during changing public policy and heightened police presence

  • Other emerging, immediate needs

Prioritized communities and groups include :

  • Older adults

  • Black and Latinx people

  • Undocumented immigrants

  • Low-wage and nontraditional workers

  • People with compromised immune systems

  • People who are unhoused and housing insecure

  • People who are formerly or currently incarcerated

  • People who are LGBTQIAGNC+

  • People experiencing domestic violence

  • Vulnerable youth

  • Those entities addressing the health and safety needs of the most vulnerable populations in Gunnison County (those most disproportionately affected by the virus).

  • Meeting unmet and necessary immediate health and safety needs.

  • Operating grants will fund organizations that have deep roots with priority populations and services, such as human service and health nonprofits serving neighbors facing unprecedented, unexpected situations because of the coronavirus.


  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infant, Children (WIC).

  • School foods.

  • Food purchasing/procurement policy/systems to expand access to healthy foods or maximize purchasing power to reach the most vulnerable.

  • Medicaid, such as waivers, expansion, increasing/easing enrollment.

  • Early Childhood Education, Head Start, and Early Head Start.

  • Other policy is critical to income support, such as unemployment insurance.


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