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American Human Rights Organization

American Human Rights Organization

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* American Human Rights Organization Obtaining sufficient capital to cover expansion and establishment expenses of initial operation. 

* AHR will raise funds publicly as well as with organizations and private networks which will be used to fund  COVID-19 Pandemic various assistance and educational efforts for American Citizens in the  NYC area for those impacted by the Coronavirus disease.

Prioritized communities and groups include :

  • Older adults

  • Black and Latinx people

  • Undocumented immigrants

  • Low-wage and nontraditional workers

  • People with compromised immune systems

  • People who are unhorsed and housing insecure

  • People who are formerly or currently incarcerated

  • People who are LGBTQIAGNC+

  • People experiencing domestic violence

  • Vulnerable youth

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infant, Children (WIC).

  • School foods.

  • Food purchasing/procurement policy/systems to expand access to healthy foods or maximize purchasing power to reach the most vulnerable.

  • Medicaid, such as waivers, expansion, increasing/easing enrollment.

  • Early Childhood Education, Head Start, and Early Head Start.

  • Another policy is critical to income support, such as unemployment insurance.

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