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American Human Rights Organization Founded to help American travelers , U.S.  Government and The U.S Embassies around the World to  protect American travelers and expatriates experiencing the legal or political entanglements they may encounter in nondemocratic states. Furthermore as well as Annual Reports Aimed at Improving the Safety of Americans Traveling in Those Areas.
American Human Rights Organization Mission: 
will frequently inspect political, cultural, and social events in each country in Middle East and South America, Our organization's travel advisories will emerge. 
1) These countries' political and social attitudes appear from an American perspective.
2) Tourist security in the sites frequented by Americans.
3) How Many Americans does the judiciary imprison?
4) Estimated Response/arrival time of the police to American tourists in an emergency.
5) Estimated Response/arrival time of ambulance for Tourists in a crisis.
6) Availability and types of Hospitals for debilitated Tourists in an emergency.
7) Available first aid and medical care for tourists in the ambulance and hospitals, First aid in the ambulance for the Tourist.
8) Response/arrival time of the fire department in an emergency.
We will Grade Countries in these areas according to these levels of security.
Level (A) We assure travelers of protection.
Level (B) We warn travelers to exercise caution.
Level (C) We advise travelers to reconsider travel here.
Level (D) We advise avoidance of these sites. Avoid travel 
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We provide safety and security information and report regarding the Middle East or South America to help American citizens assess for their self the risks of travel. Each country's information page contains a Travel Advisory, Alerts, and other important details specific to that country that could affect you.  Pay close attention to the entry and exit requirements and other details to decide whether traveling to that country is right for you. 
You will also find the address and phone number of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
Take those with you in case of an emergency American Human Divide those Countries on:
Grade (A) Great protections 
Grade (B) Exercise increased caution 
Grade  (C) Reconsider travel
Grade (D)  DO NOT TRAVEL. 
Our  Evaluation Base of 8 Important Safety Needs to American  Citizens in those Countries:  

1) The classification of these countries from the perspective of the United States of America.

2)  Tourist security in the Tourists Cities.   

3) Response/arrival time of the police to the Tourist in an emergency.   

4) Response/arrival time of ambulance to the Tourist in an emergency. 

5) First aid in the ambulance for the Tourist.    

6) Response/arrival time of the fire department in an emergency.  

7) Availability and types of Hospitals for the Tourist in an emergency. 

8) How Many Americans imprisoned there.

Our Travel Advisory  in the Middle East and South America Capital city's
organization that protects human rights


​​American Human Rights.Org  Travel Every year  to the Middle East and South America for inspection requirements, until we do so the  inspections requirements, all  country's stay on our website on GRADE D

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​​Travel Warnings & Travel Advisory.American Human Rights organization strategy to check and Evaluate 8 Important Safety requirements to American  Citizens traveling to the Middle East and South America 

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​American Human Rights. organization Keeps All American Citizens Save during Their visits to the Middle East and  South America country's Destination.

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